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Beeswax Candle Care: A Guide to Caring for and Burning Beeswax Candles

Caring for Unburned Candles

You may notice your candle develop a light matte film over time (this is more apparent on darker candles). There is no cause for alarm! This is a natural phenomenon called bloom and occurs when the wax is exposed to cool temperatures. Some people like the look of it and some don’t. If you would like to remove the bloom, simply buff it with a cloth or use a hair dryer to gently heat the wax. The original shine and colour will come through. If you are using heat, be very careful not to melt your candle!

Pillars, Tapers, Votives, and Tealights Oh My!

Different types of candles are meant to burn differently.

Pillar candles are designed to stand on their own. Although they may drip a bit, for the most part, they should not.

Tapers are designed to be burned in a taper holder, which holds the candle upright while burning. Tapers may or may not drip as they are burned.

Votives can be a bit tricky. Although they are often sold without a container, they are actually designed to behave more like a container candle. Votives should be burned in a container slightly larger than the candle itself. As it burns, it will melt into the container. Burning a votive outside of a holder will result in a puddle of hot wax and very quick burn time. Now that’s disappointing!

Tealights can be purchased in a tealight cup or without. These are also designed to fully melt into the container, so they should always be burned in a container if purchased without a tealight cup.

The First Burn

The first time you burn your candle is called the memory burn. Allow the wax pool to reach the edge of the candle before you blow it out (it can take several hours – perhaps 8 or more!). This will prevent tunnelling.

Notice how there is a very thin layer of wax around the edge of the candle – this is what you’re looking for! To maximize the wax used, gently fold the edges of the wax toward the flame.

Wick Trimming

Trim your wick to ~1/4″ before each burn to keep it burning beautifully.

Prevent Smoke on Extinguishing

To prevent smoking when you blow out your candle, dip the lit wick into the wax with a skewer or toothpick. Once the flame is out, straighten the wick so it’s ready for trimming and lighting next time.

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Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love}

Top Local Gifting Ideas 2019
Top Local Gifting Ideas 2019

Looking for the perfect gift for the holiday season? This year, we’ve asked local businesses to share a little bit about themselves and their top gifted products. Check out the list below for some fantastic gifting ideas!

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - BATHISSERIE


1. What do you do? 

I make the best bath and body products.

2. What is your top gifted item?

Bath bombs, followed by my body butter scrubs.

3. Who is it ideal for?

That’s the beauty of my creations – they’re for anybody who needs some TLC. Perfect for a self care session in the bathtub or in the shower. A much needed break after a long day at the office or running around with the kids.

4. What makes it a great gift?

Giving the gift of relaxation it’s a very unique experience! It really shows you care about the other person’s well-being. Let your senses bring you back into joy. A scent can calm you or energize, besides the fact of feeling very luxurious while caring for your precious skin.

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Diesel Clay

Mug Membership by Diesel Clay

1. What do you do? 

I design and make sophisticated yet approachable pottery.

2. What is your top gifted item?

A great gift this season from Diesel Clay is a Mug Membership, offered in 2, 4 or 6 month options.

3. Who is it ideal for?

A mug membership is an ideal gift for coffee, tea or pottery enthusiasts who are interested in building an eclectic mug collection that is unique to them.

4. What makes it a great gift?

It’s a great gift because you get a different mug each month, including some exclusive designs and some popular favourites.

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Hop & Flop

Congrats on your Precious lil’ Perogy Card by Hop & Flop

1. What do you do? 

Hop & Flop is a design and illustration studio that focuses on bringing to life our illustrations in paper goods, artwork, prints and various accessories. It’s what we call a cabinet of curiosity because each illustration has their own characteristics and is meant to bring joy to people’s lives in various formats. 

2. What is your top gifted item?

It seems from our baby greeting card collection, the “Congrats on your Precious lil’ Perogy” is a huge hit.

3. Who is it ideal for?

It’s the perfect card for new moms or dads, especially for those that connect with the Ukrainian heritage of perogies.

4. What makes it a great gift?

I think when people are finding gifts for expectant moms or dads, the greeting card is what ties the whole gift together. It’s where you put your personal thoughts down when you want to cherish the special moment. Plus it’s a greeting card with a real cultural connection.

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Lamb's Soapworks

Coconut Milk Bath Soak with Rosewood & Vanilla by Lamb’s Soapworks

1. What do you do? 

My name is Lara Lamb. I am the founder, owner, and creator at Lamb’s Soapworks, a southern Alberta based business whose mission is to provide the best hand-crafted artisan soaps and natural bath and body products with a commitment to cruelty free products, the environment, and giving back within our community.

2. What is your top gifted item?

Our top gifted item is the Coconut Milk Bath Soak with Rosewood & Vanilla

3. Who is it ideal for?

Ideal for anyone who loves a bit of self-care time in the tub. This soak is the perfect little bit of luxurious indulgence after a hard day. 

4. What makes it a great gift?

It’s the ideal gift from a friend or loved one who knows you deserve a little bit of “me time” and don’t always have the chance to take it. 

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Lia & Brie

Greeting Cards by Lia & Brie Quilled Arts

1. What do you do? 

I create handmade greeting cards and art using the ancient art form called quilling or paper filigree.

Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs. 

My paper quilled art works can be framed as a keepsake to be treasured forever.

2. What is your top gifted item?  

Greeting cards

3. Who is it ideal for?

Everyone who loves unique twist on everyday items

4. What makes it a great gift?

My creations can be framed and kept as keepsakes. Or hung up on the wall. 

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - ReWorks Upcycle Shop

Beeswax Food Covers at ReWorks Upcycle Shop

1. What do you do? 

My name is Solita and I am an eco-retailer. I sell local made recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly and zero-waste gifts and more in my shop conveniently located in Victoria Park

2. What is your top gifted item?  

Beeswax Food Covers

3. Who is it ideal for?

Ideal for anyone trying to reduce waste. These handy bowl covers eliminate the need for plastic wrap. 

4. What makes it a great gift?

Bowl covers make great gifts for aspiring chefs, bakers or event party hosts.

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Serrano Studios

Round Tree of Life Crib Board by Serrano Studios

1. What do you do? 

I am a maker of wooden board games

2. What is your top gifted item?  

My most popular item is the round crib board with the tree of life carved into it.

3. Who is it ideal for?

It is ideal for anyone who enjoys the real life interaction of several people gathered to play a game.

4. What makes it a great gift?

What makes it a great gift is that it is a visually appealing and distinctly handmade product that looks great even when not in use.

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Tearrific

Bags of Loose Leaf Tea by Tearrific

1. What do you do? 

I’m Sam and I create loose leaf tea blends with no artificial ingredients!

2. What is your top gifted item?  

Our advent calendar is number one but closer to Christmas it is usually bags of loose leaf tea. They are a great size for stocking stuffers.

3. Who is it ideal for?

Anyone who loves tea!

4. What makes it a great gift?

Most of our teas are around $10, so they’re good as small gifts for friends or colleagues when you’re on a budget. They’re perfectly paired with a mug or a cute tea infuser. They also make a great addition to a gift basket.

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - Wire Expressions

Personalized Ornament Hooks by Wire Expressions

1. What do you do? 

I am a Wire Work Artisan. I make sterling silver jewellery, and unique gift items with wire and I specialize in wire writing.

2.    What is your top gifted item?

Personalized Ornament Hooks. They have a hook on both ends so you can hang a regular ornament from the bottom of it and hang it on your tree.

3.    Who is it ideal for?

Anyone who has a name! But…they are especially great for people with uncommon names, or for marking special occasions like a wedding or the birth of a baby.

4.    What makes it a great gift?

  1. They are unique
  2. They take up almost no room in a suitcase for anyone who has to travel or they can be mailed away in an envelope (who doesn’t love cheap postage!)
  3. It’s the kind of gift you don’t have to wonder if they are using. Every year, it will come out at Christmas and get hung on their tree. (and if they really love it, they just might hang it in their window or somewhere like that)

Top Local Gifting Ideas of 2019 {Made Local with Love} - YYC Beeswax

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps by YYC Beeswax

1. What do you do? 

We mind your beeswax! We specialize in creating beautiful products made from and inspired by nature and bees.

2.    What is your top gifted item?

Reusable beeswax food wraps

3.    Who is it ideal for?

Anyone looking for an eco-friendly way to reduce single use plastics in daily life.

4.    What makes it a great gift?

Food wraps make excellent gifts because they are extremely versatile – they make great hostess gifts, as part of a gift, a gift on their own, and as stocking stuffers to name a few. They are also something not everyone will buy for themselves. Food wraps also have a long history of use going all the way back to the Vikings, who would use a version made with hemp cloth and beeswax for their food storage.

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Bee-hind the Scenes: What it takes to go to a market

I enjoy shopping at local markets for many reasons. Before joining markets as a vendor, I didn’t think about what goes on behind the scenes. Do you know happens in the background? Here’s an example of what it takes for me to prepare for a market:

1. Research and apply for markets (can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours depending on the application process, previous experience at the market, and how much research is required). This is frequently done months in advance!
2. Receive acceptance, review contract, and pay for the market (and there are many rejections too! Takes 10-15 minutes)
3. Check inventory. Create a list of any product that needs made. (usually 20-30 minutes)

Checking tealight inventory

4. Make inventory (this fluctuates – usually 2-3 days minimum up to 2-3 weeks if inventory is low, it’s a big market, or a multi-day market)

Making lotion bars (and tealights)!

5. Prepare the display (I don’t do this for all markets, but for special setups or when I revamp my display, I take 2-4 hours to set up a mock)

Mocking up a new display

6. Pack for the market (20 minutes – 2 hours depending on the market and inventory levels)
7. Pack the car (20-30 minutes)

Packing the car!
Packed to the brim (and a bit snowy too!)

8. Drive to the market (varies and can take quite awhile, especially for out of town markets and bad weather in the winter!)

Nasty winter roads!

9. Unload the car (usually 15-20 minutes, longer if I have a long walk to my space)
10. Set up the display (1-1.5 hours, more if I need to set up lights)

Setting up the display…let chaos reign!

11. Enjoy the market day!

Ready to go for another day!

12. Pack up (30-45 minutes)
13. Drive from market (varies and can take quite awhile, especially for out of town markets and bad weather in the winter! )
14. Unpack the car (20-30 minutes)
15. Put inventory away (10-15 minutes)

Whew! That’s a lot of work! Considering some markets are only one day and a few hours long, it’s quite a commitment! Totalling all the hours (excluding the hours spent driving and at the market itself), here’s the time investment:

Market preparation: about 2 days to just over 3 weeks
Setting up and tearing down: anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours
End of day unpacking and putting inventory away: 30-45 minutes

Total time: 2.5 days to 3 weeks and a half day or so plus travel time

Pretty crazy isn’t it? 

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Beeswax in Recipes: Converting Volume to Weight

If you’ve come across beeswax in recipes, you may have seen measurements in tablespoons, cups, ounces, grams, or something else. How do you know how much beeswax that really is when you’re purchasing, especially when a recipe has volume and beeswax is sold by the weight?

I like to use weight when I’m creating a recipe, so my first step is to convert all of the ingredients from volume to weight (this may be possible using a calculator online such as this one or getting a scale out and averaging 3-5 trials)

In this short post, I will share some simple conversions to make purchasing beeswax for your recipe a little bit easier. To get exact amounts for your recipe, check out our calculator below, which is perfect for converting volume to weight and vice versa!

Here are the most common conversions I’m asked about (all conversions are approximate):

1 cup of beeswax = 8 oz = 230 g (this is equivalent to half of a 1 lb block or almost 27 of the 0.3 oz blocks)

1 TBSP of beeswax = 0.5 oz = 14 g (this is equivalent to a very small amount of a 1 lb block or almost 2 of the 0.3 oz blocks)

Beeswax Volume/Weight Converter

(Can’t see the converter? Turn off your ad blocker on this page and you’ll be able to calculate away!)

Good luck with your next recipe!

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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap: Furoshiki

I’m not certain when I first learned about the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, but I have made much use of the versatility of furoshiki. Today, I’m going to share one way of using a square piece of fabric to wrap a simple gift – two jars of honey!

What you’ll need:

  • Square fabric (mine measures ~32″ square)
  • 2 small bottles or jars of similar size


  1. Lay the fabric flat with one of the points close to you.
Flat fabric

2. Place your jars beside each other near the corner of the fabric closest to you.

Jars beside each other
Top view of jars beside each other

3. Tip the jars on the side leaving the footprint of where they were standing open.

Tipped jars

4. Fold the corner of the cloth over the jars.

Corner folded over jars

5. Roll the jars and fabric carefully until you reach the end of the fabric. Try not to move the jars closer or further away from each other.

Roll the jars in the fabric
Jars completely rolled

6. Tip the jars back upright.

Jars upright

7. Tie the long ends of the fabric in a square knot as close to the tops of the jars as possible.

Square knot

8. To create an carrying handle, tie another square knot with the ends of the fabric you just tied.

Top view of second square knot
Front view of wrapped package with carrying handle
Side view of wrapped package with carrying handle

That’s it! Your package is ready for gifting. 

This is not the only way you can wrap a gift using furoshiki. Check out this handy chart if you have a gift of a different shape or size.

Happy eco-wrapping!

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A Year of Bees

Have you ever wondered what bees do? We’ve put together a sneak peek into our hives throughout the year!


As the season starts to change, it’s time to take an initial look at the hives to see how they fared over the winter. Sometimes if we get a chinook and there’s a hive that needs checked, we’ll sneak an early peek!


The weather is getting warmer and the bees more active, so it’s important to make sure they have enough food to carry them through until they have a natural food source. We feed the bees sugar water and pollen to get them off to a great start!

Bees enjoying some delicious pollen!
Bottom black frame is full of delicious sugar water.


One way to start a new beehive is to get a package of bees. The bees come in a screened box with a queen, so they are ready to go into a hive. Each box contains 2-3 pounds of bees. 

Packages usually come in at the end of April and are installed as soon as possible.

Newly installed package of bees. On top of the frames is pollen for protein!


As summer progresses, the population in the hive grows.

Bees galore!

At this time, we keep an eye out for swarms and split hives (two more ways to start a new hive!). To split a hive, we put a few frames of eggs and brood from the main hive into another box. The bees will hopefully raise a new queen at which time we put them into a new hive.

Hive after a split. The small box on the left will hopefully turn into a successful new hive! There are so many bees at the front of the hive too!
The hanging cell is called a queen cell. Pretty soon this hive will have a new queen!

Sometimes, the bees get too crowded in their hive. This triggers a swarm where the queen takes 1/3-2/3 of the bees out of the hive to find a new home. The bees left behind will raise a new queen and continue on their way.

Can you spot the queen? She even has a crown 🙂

Although swarms may look scary, the bees are busy finding a new home and tend to be quite gentle!

Swarm of bees on a tree. This was a tricky one to capture!


Show us the honey! This time of year we have the big honey flow. It’s also time to extract the honey. We use the Flow Hive to make extraction super easy! Storing an extractor for use once a year wasn’t feasible for us, so the Flow Hive has worked great!

Back view of the Flow Hive. Look at all that delicious honey!

First drops of honey from our very first Flow Hive extraction!

Busy day extracting!

So much delicious honey!

We also collect pollen around this time of year. Pollen is a source of protein for the bees and is very important for raising new bees. Here’s some of the hive activity on our pollen trap:

And a view of a pollen harvest:

Well done bees! What a harvest!


The last of the flowers are finishing and the weather is getting cooler. This month, we do our final extraction and begin winter preparations. With the decline in flowers, we supplement the bees with sugar water as we did in the spring.  It’s extremely important to have strong hives with plenty of stores to get through the long winter months!

October/November to February/March

The hives are all tucked in for the winter and it’s time for a break! Over the winter, we prepare equipment and get ready for a new season of beekeeping.

Insulated and ready for winter!

What a year!

Every year is a new adventure and the bees have so much to teach us!

Bees and flowers. Can it be more perfect?

During the beekeeping season, we share pictures on Instagram and the occasional YouTube video. Follow us to get the latest updates!

Interesting Facts

  • Alberta houses 14% of Canada’s beekeepers
  • Alberta has 41% of Canada’s colonies
  • Alberta accounts for 41% of Canada’s honey production (Saskatchewan is next up with 25% and Manitoba follows with 16%)
  • Albertan honey makes up 46% of Canada’s honey exports, which is the most of all the provinces (Manitoba makes up 24% and Saskatchewan makes up 16%)

Facts are from 2016 courtesy Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Click here to get even more interesting statistics.

Learn more!

Are you interested in supporting the bees in your yard? Check out our blog post on supporting native pollinators. The post includes great resources on providing a welcoming environment, understanding the bees, and getting more hands on with a bee house.

Your Backyard

If you’re interested in having a hive in your yard, let us know by filling out this form. When we are expanding, you may get an email from us!

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Quick and Easy Rolled Beeswax Pillar Candle

Today we’ll take you through a quick tutorial to make a ~4″ tall beeswax pillar. Have fun!

Gather supplies:
1- ~8.5×16″ beeswax sheet
1 – pair of scissors
1 – knife or pizza cutter

Measure the halfway point on the short side of the beeswax sheet.

Make a small mark at the halfway point. 

Repeat on the other side of your sheet.

Lining up the markings you just made, use your ruler to cut a straight line across.

Now you should have two pieces. Place the pieces on top of each other to make sure they are the same size. Trim any excess.

Measure the wick against the short edge of the wax. The wick should run the full width of the wax plus extra for lighting (minimum 1/4″).

Once your wick is cut, roll the wax over the wick. This is the trickiest part! It gets easier from here.

Roll the wax tightly while paying attention to the bottom – it should stay flat! 

At the end of your first piece, slightly overlap the second piece. Continue rolling. When the seam appears on the top of the candle, gently press the pieces together.  Keep rolling to the end of the second piece.

At the end of the second piece, gently press along the seam to seal the candle.

Bravo! You have a beautiful handmade rolled beeswax candle.

Looking for supplies? We carry beeswax sheets and wick! Use our handy wick calculator on the wick page to calculate how much you’ll need.

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Stocking Stuffers. Made Local with Love.

We get to meet a TON of amazing makers every market day. We’re sharing the love with you today with a highlight of some local makers to help with your holiday stocking stuffer shopping. Enjoy!


You’re My Cup of Tea Tin, $4.99

Tell someone you’re thinking of them with this adorable You’re My Cup of Tea tin. This tin of loose leaf tea is a wonderful alternative to chocolate and you can choose the tea flavour you think your recipient would like best!

These tins are small enough to tuck into a lunch kit, pocket, or purse for a little surprise for that special someone in your life.

Each tin contains 3-5 servings of premium loose leaf tea. 


Wire Expressions

Tea Bag Steeper, $7-35

A consistent best seller! It clips onto any tea bag, so you don’t have to dig it out with your fingers! Perfect to close loose leaf tea bags or for using on tea bags without strings. They make great stocking stuffers, office gifts, teacher gifts or little friendship gifts. They also fit in a bubble envelope and can be mailed as an oversized letter! 

Buy 1 Buy 2 Buy 5

Sweet As Candy

Neon Bubble Gum Bombs, $12

These little bombs are a perfect addition to an awesome bath. Kids will go gaga over the bright colors and delicious smells! They will make the water a pretty color too! 


Hillcrest Naturals

Lotion (60mL), $6


Lamb’s Soapworks

Lime Pink Grapefruit & Fir Loofah Bar, $7.50

Clean, exfoliate, and slough away dry dead skin with this all natural moisturizing loofah scrub soap bar. Handcrafted with plant-based oils and an invigorating blend of lime, pink grapefruit & fir essential oils.


Hop & Flop

Cat Mermaid Enamel Pin, $12

Ignite your imagination and dip into the ocean with this cat mermaid enamel pin. Made of zinc alloy and gold plated with two backers. The clutch backing will keep it safe and attached to your favourite bag, scarf, tee shirt or jacket.


Ami & Emme

Crochet F Bomb, $11.81

Ever need to drop an F-bomb…but your kids are around, are at work, or stuck at a family gathering? Here’s the product for you! Designed as a poly-fil filled stress ball, this crochet F-bomb will definitely start up conversations, relieve some stress, or make a great gift!


Sara Girletz Art

Custom Family House Ornaments, $15

Have your family photos transferred onto a miniature house that’s hand cut by Sara and made from the reused wood of an old abandoned house somewhere on the Alberta prairie. How it works: Purchase the custom family house ornament listing through Etsy. Then send Sara your family photo(s) either scanned as a digital JPEG or a picture taken with your phone and she’ll do the rest! All ornaments are finished with the loving phrase “you are my home” stamped on the bottom. Size: measures *approximately 2 1/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ tall x 3/4 ” deep. 


YYC Beeswax

Small Circle Beeswax Wrap
Small Circle Beeswax Wrap, $12

Get rid of the plastic wrap and bags in your kitchen for good! Beeswax food wraps can be used for directly wrapping food or as a cover for your favourite dishes. Our 9″ circle wrap is ideal for wrapping small fruits and vegetables or covering small bowls such as cereal bowls.


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Millarville Fair Weekend 2018

I LOVE going out to Millarville for the farmers’ market. It’s a beautiful location, the vendors are lovely, and it’s very well organized. Not only that, the shoppers are delightful people too!

Each week, it’s a pleasure to catch up with regular vendors. That said, it’s also wonderful to meet new vendors! This often happens during special event weekends. For Fair Weekend, I was fortunate to find myself beside the delightful Clare and Pam from The Cookie Cupboard.

The Cookie Cupboard at Millarville Farmers' Market Fair Weekend 2018 (looking a little empty because they were so popular!)
The Cookie Cupboard at Millarville Farmers’ Market Fair Weekend 2018 (looking a little empty because they were so popular!)

Clare and Pam make delicious baked goods, especially the raspberry shortbread. I ate mine long before it crossed my mind to take a picture, so here is a picture courtesy The Cookie Cupboard!

Raspberry Cookie by The Cookie Cupboard at Millarville Farmers' Market Fair Weekend 2018
Raspberry Cookie by The Cookie Cupboard at Millarville Farmers’ Market Fair Weekend 2018

For the summer, they also made very clever watermelon crisp rice squares.
Watch for their special holiday themed squares coming out later this year! I know I can’t wait to see them!

Watermelon Rice Krispie by The Cookie Cupboard at Millarville Farmers' Market Fair Weekend 2018
Watermelon Rice Krispie by The Cookie Cupboard at Millarville Farmers’ Market Fair Weekend 2018

As always, huge thanks to Melonie from Millarville Farmers’ Market for being an amazing market manager, thank you to The Cookie Cupboard for being fantastic booth neighbours, and thanks to everyone who came out for Fair Weekend!

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Etsy: Made in Canada Spring 2018

We’re back into the swing of market season and we’re so excited about our lineup this summer. We’re at Millarville Farmers’ Market, Stephen Ave, and Calgary Stampede Maker Market to name a few! We were very excited to be part of the inaugural Etsy: Made in Canada Spring market this year.

YYC Beeswax at Etsy: Made in Canada Spring Market 2018
YYC Beeswax at Etsy: Made in Canada Spring Market 2018

I love meeting new makers and was fortunate to  be beside Nastasha of Nastasha Designs. She makes absolutely gorgeous watercolour flowers. They are available as prints (ready to frame or framed) and greeting cards. This market was one of her first markets ever! Before returning to her art, Nastasha did quite a bit of travelling through school and work. I enjoyed her stories throughout the day!

Nastasha Designs at Etsy: Made in Canada Spring Market 2018
Nastasha Designs at Etsy: Made in Canada Spring Market 2018

When I asked her about her favourite piece, Nastasha picked this lovely pink flower (buy it as a print or a card).

Watercolour Flower by Nastasha Designs
Watercolour Flower by Nastasha Designs

Did you know her flower designs are inspired by her daughter?

My daughter is the inspiration behind the flowers, she has brought so much love and beauty even if she’s little firecracker full of energy. The abstract flowers are a representation of our life now, blurry from the lack of sleep, time, energy but still incredibly beautiful. It’s nice to come back to my root after spending most of my 20’s traveling and working in the corporate world.

What a great inspiration! I had a hard time choosing which design I liked best and ended up buying a mixed package of cards. One can never have too many blank cards on hand just in case!

Watercolour Flower Cards by Nastasha Designs
Watercolour Flower Cards by Nastasha Designs

Huge thanks to our lovely organizers for putting on yet another fantastic event (learn more about Jillian and Lindy here)! Thank you to Nastasha for being such a great booth neighbour. Special thanks to everyone who came out to support the local talent. We couldn’t have a successful day without you!