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Earthy Decor Blog Post and Podcast

I am so delighted to share this podcast and blog post with you! Last year, I had the opportunity to chat with Shannon from Earthy Decor. She has put together an amazing blog and podcast on earth friendly lifestyles.

In this episode, we had a great time chatting about bees and business. Check out the blog post for the highlights of the podcast along with a few resources I shared.

The podcast is about an hour. Click here to listen! If you love this episode, be sure to check out the rest of her episodes. If you need more information, here’s the podcast description from her website:

Sick of negativity? Here, we focus on human connection, earth friendliness, sustainability, nature hotspots, and wellbeing. Listen from expert guests in various eco friendly specialities such as:

Minimalism, urban farming, aquaponics, tiny living, zero waste, nutrition, environmental health, and sustainability. I also talk to those that live alternative lifestyles (off of the grid, van life, and tree house dwellers.

Let’s restore nature, ourselves, and the world around us. Let’s be Earthy (Earth Friendly).

I for one love following her blog posts and listening to new episodes of the podcast! I hope you enjoy it too!